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White Trash Snow Beast Goes Into A Racist Rant At A Black Man While Her Kids Watch

Janelle Ambrosia, is a stripper from upstate New York who was caught on camera last week spewing blatantly racist epithets at a black motorist in front of her two young children.

The appalling YouTube video recorded by the victim of the verbal attack on May 30 in Cheektowaga, New York, instantly went viral, drawing more than 5 million views on YOUTUBE in less than 24 hours.

The four-minute clip, shared on the video streaming site Tuesday by the user IAMOYAB, shows the confrontation between the driver behind the camera and Janelle Ambrosia, a mother of two from Buffalo.

Mrs Ambrosia, who makes references in the video to her career as an exotic dancer, became upset at a black driver in the parking lot of a supermarket when he started his car, scaring her toddler son and daughter.

In response to the incident, Ambrosia, who is white, unleashed a foul-mouthed, racially charged tirade at the stranger, repeatedly calling him the N-word.

"I called you a n*****, you’re a n*****: nasty fucking n*****!" a hysterical Mrs Ambrosia yells at the man sitting in the car with his cell phone camera trained on the woman.

Her two children could be seen milling about just steps away from her and within earshot.

"They don’t like black people either" Janelle Ambrosia tells the driver at one point in reference to her kids. 

You can hear her children calling the man a “bitch”.

She later gets on the phone with her husband, asking him to come and ‘fucking kill’ the stranger with the camera for recording her hate-filled diatribe delivered in front of her children. 
In the video, the unnamed African-American man informs the mother of two that he plans to press charges against her, but she appears nonplussed by the threat.
‘Do you know how many cops have I stripped for!?’ the raven-haired, bespectacled woman asks rhetorically. ‘You’re not getting far, b****.’

The woman continues ranting in this vain for another minute, calling the man ‘a racist ignorant n****,’ and threatening to yank him out of the car and throw the cup of coffee in her hands at him. 
The man who was the target of Ambrosia’s rage concluded the video with the words: ‘Racism [is] alive and well. It’s amazing.’
In the description of the clip, the YouTube user explained that he was not so much upset for himself as for Ambrosia’s kids.
‘They will have hate and have no idea where it came from,’ he wrote.

Ambrosia then went on a radio show this week, claiming she has a black cousin, is bipolar and not a racist, and that the N-word has nothing to do with race. She further claims the N-word is used to describe an ignorant person. Oh, her children are going to be taken away from her as well.

EDIT: Her tweets were from a parody account! 

I’m sideying every person that is defending this racist, white demon.

Pray for those poor kids. And what husband lets their wife strip and then brag about it…

I never realized how lucky I am to not be young and a mother or pregnant

I’m stupidly self-destructive hence I texted Tito

Saw two of my failed attempts for bfs today… Really just my luck

My period

I never notice the signs until after it starts I get it. But they always make me sad